Monday, August 2, 2010


I have done several blogs before, mainly as an avenue to get my thoughts on paper or to share recipes I liked. I have scarcely blogged at all over the past year because other things have taken precedence: friends, family, vacations, weddings, a packed school schedule, a new church and just recently, the creation of two businesses. Over the past several years, I have enjoyed reading other’s blogs and getting a glimpse into their lives. My desire to rejoin the blogging world has been growing over the past year, so now I am just taking the jump and diving in!

The path I am striving to follow right now is a path of balance. A path of genuine faith, mixed with extravagant grace; a path of complete honesty, mixed with mature wisdom; a path of healthy eating, mixed with lovely treats; and a path of frugal choices, mixed with special luxuries.  I'm honored to have you care enough to take a glimpse into what makes life special for me.



  1. I am following you and so excited to "get to know you better" by peeking into your life thru your blog ! In know you and Shay are great friends and I'd love to get to know you too !!

  2. This is beautiful! I love the background!

  3. Courtney, I love what you have written about your path of makes me excited to see what is to come here!
    I had intended to be your second folower, right after Shay, but didn't get here in time! :-) I'll have to settle for 4th and work on my procrastination!!
    Welcome back to blogland!

  4. When I was an insurance adjuster I would sometimes get behind on my diary. When that would happen I would pull a few of my oldest files and a few of my newest. I couldn't concentrate on just the oldest because then the newest would become problems. So I'm starting at your earliest blogs and your latest. Balance. This was a good foundational blog honey. That has been an area where I have received some compliments through the years. Bringing balance to extreme ways of looking at things. Living out that balance, however, is a whole different.

  5. Sorry... I was in your mom's email when I wrote the above and I didn't know how or if I could change it to me.