Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How To Get The Most Out of Online Shopping

I have been needing new makeup for awhile.  My favorite makeup is Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup, but it’s a little pricey.  Yesterday, I was looking through some of my credit card reward points (this is for another post) and I noticed I could redeem $45 of my cash back points for a $50 sephora.com gift card. Um, yes!

First of all, I logged into my BigCrumbs account. This is an online shopping website that gives you cash back on all your purchases, just by clicking on the store through their site.  I believe I’ve received about $100 cash back just by clicking through their site when I purchase products online.  For sephora.com they offer 4% back!   Just to make sure though, I logged into my Discover account and noticed that if I used my Discover card, I would get 10% back on my purchase! Yep, that’s better! So I clicked through my Discover site and continued with my order.

Next, I added the product I wanted.  The kit I ordered was $60, so this qualified me for free shipping.  The great thing about sephora.com is that they offer 3 free samples with every order and they let you choose from about 10.  So next, I selected my free samples.  Because including this order, I have now spent $100 through their site, they added a free mascara to my order! 

I got to the last screen where you pay and enter any coupon codes in.  www.retailmenot.com is great for listing online shopping codes, so I searched for sephora.com. Low and behold there was a coupon for 20% off Bare Escentuals makeup, which took $13 off my order!

This brought my grand total for $60 worth of makeup, 2 cologne samples, 1 makeup sample, and 1 mascara to $49.82!  My giftcard totally covered it! Yay! PLUS, I'll get 10% back on this purchase! Which makes my total more like $45! While these steps take a little bit of time, once you get in the habit of shopping this way, you'll never go back. 


  1. Oh good! I've been meaning to ask you what the Big Crumbs website was again. . . Thanks!

  2. This is something I'd definitely like to learn more about, the online shopping!
    Keep the ideas coming!