Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle ~ Car Troubles

Well, I've been working on a post regarding "community": being in one, creating one, and participating in one, but it seems like ever since I wrote the first paragraph, life has been even crazier than normal!

Yesterday, we were driving down the road at about 70 MPH when our car decided to skip over to first gear.  Thankfully, no one was around us and we were able to move (too slow to call it drive) to the nearest exit and pull into a gas station.  We cancelled our plans for the evening and decided to drive move towards home, with our flashers on.  We drove about fifteen miles, at 30 MPH and were able to get to a local auto parts store about a mile from our home.  Here, we found out that it was either going to cost us a few hundred dollars to fix it or a couple thousand dollars.  

Today, Caleb called around to a few local mechanics, just to have one take a look and get an opinion on the problem.  If it's the smaller problem, Caleb can probably fix it. If it's the larger problem, he probably cannot. :)  We ended up dropping the car off at the mechanics and should know sometime tomorrow what the problem is.  Just say a prayer that its the couple hundred dollar part! $2,000+ really isn't in the budget right now, AT ALL. 

It's funny (sorta), because yesterday when we were experiencing the situation and dealing with very stressful circumstances, Caleb and I both kept our cool.  Today, our cool flew away.  Why is it that we take out our frustration on the most important people in our lives?  Oh the joys of humanity!

On a lighter note, Saturday evening was great fun!  I got to celebrate an awesome friend's birthday!  We went to a restaurant called Cafe Intermezzo where  we got to have much needed girl time and eat some yummy food!

We got to sit out on the patio, which was nice!  Here are some of my pictures from the evening...

The beautiful birthday girl!

The group of beautiful girls!

I'm blessed with great, wonderful friends! 

Don't forget to say a prayer for our car. Thanks a bunch! :)

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  1. It was Stephanie's birthday?!?!? Please tell her happy birhtday for me, please! Oh, and I think I recognize the young lady on the far right too...lol...and you are all beautiful ladies! I am so glad that you all eded up down there together! Praying for good news on the car!