Friday, October 1, 2010

Frugal Fridays ~ Week of 9/27 Shopping Trip

And another week has just flown by!  I didn't need much at the beginning of the week, so I just picked up the sale items at Publix.  

I had run completely out of toilet paper and ended up buying cheap/store brand toilet  paper over the weekend because I had run out of my storage supply! :)  I cannot tell you how thankful I am for couponing just with the deals I get on high quality toilet paper and paper towels.  When I bought the cheapy roll, I paid .88 cents and it was HORRIBLE!  Here, I bought 12 double-rolls of Angel Soft toilet paper for $4.49 (on sale for $5.49, used a .50/1 coupon that doubled) and ended up paying .37 a roll!  1/2 the price and about 100 times the quality.  Okay, this is a strange soapbox to be on (the quality of toilet paper?), so I'm stepping off.

At Publix I saved 64%.  I spent $17.86 and saved $31.08.  Again, principle of buying ahead is at work here. Do I need cough syrup this week? No.  But when it's typically $5+ dollars and I can pay .99 cents for it this week, I'd much rather buy it now, instead of when I am sick and willing to pay anything!  I bought a chicken to put in the freezer because it was $1.19 lb plus I had a .75/1 coupon.  I try to buy Perdue after reading this article about their competitors.  Perdue is a little more expensive, but I feel better buying it, so I try to wait for sales. :)

Yesterday (Thursday) I made a trip to Target because I needed a few things, namely salad stuff. I saved 45%, which is pretty good for Target!  I spent $17.06 and saved $14.18.

They had a great cheese sale going on, so I stocked up! I paid $1 a bag, for cheese that is normally $2+.  The chocolate was normally $2.50 a bag and I paid .50 cents, and then the steak was on sale plus I had a $1/1 coupon so I got the whole package for $1.27.  The trick to using cheaper steaks is a good marinade and cooking method.  I'll be using this for fajitas.

Even with some stock up purchasing, I managed to close the month of September out about $3 over budget which is great! I'm ready for some sales on baking products as I am running low on all baking ingredients!

My grocery budget for the month of October is $160.  This includes all of our groceries, cleaning supplies, health and beauty items, and paper goods.  


  1. WOW 160.00 for the month that is truly amazing. I budget 100.00 a week for food, plus another 50.00 a week for Misc. You go girl!!

  2. Great week of savings! :) My husband hates also when I buy "cheap" toilet paper...