Friday, October 1, 2010

Washing Machines

Over the past week, my washer machine has started to smell really sour.  After I wash clothes, I'm taking them out immediately and it still smells sour!  So yesterday I researched how to deodorize a washing machine and found this traumatizing statistic. "In 1999, Dr. Charles Gerba, a University of Arizona professor, conducted a study on the cleanliness of Americans' washing machines. After washing a sterile washcloth in 60 homes, he found evidence of fecal matter and E.coli in approximately 25 percent of the machines."  Gag. Choke. GROSS!

To deodorize/sterilize they recommend running a load with either white vinegar or bleach.  I opted for the white vinegar route.  It helped a little.  So then I tried borax, because it's supposed to be a deodorizer as well. Didn't help.  So now my theory is that those "disappearing" socks have all ended up in the bottom of my washing machine and are a huge moldy mess.  Isn't my imagination amazing?  So Caleb is going to take apart the washer machine this weekend to see what's causing the disturbing smell and subsequent bizarre theories.

Has this ever happened to your washer? How did you fix the smell? It's making all my laundry smell bad!

You can read the rest of the information I found here:

While we're on the topic of washing machines, check THIS out!


It's a washing machine AND a toilet. Now doesn't that sound like it smells good? :)


  1. That is the weirdest looking contraption ever! And being that other people used my washer before me, please don't ever mention statistics like that again:)

  2. um gross about the smell AND the washing machine / toilet.

    i hope you get it figured out-- there must be something clogging up the works... is your machine still under warranty or anything? i'm sure you've already thought of that, so i'm not sure why i'm asking... :]