Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

I'm a romantic and I love cheesy cards, flowers, chocolate, and gifts but I've experienced the retail side of Valentines Day and I just have no desire to participate in the madness.  Caleb and I decided we'd just have a simple evening at home and bake a dessert together.  

We chose Finding Joy In My Kitchen's Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cake and it lived up to our expectations, quite scrumptious. :)

We used halved the recipe, used frozen raspberries instead of fresh and used semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of dark chocolate chips.  Very good and simple to make!


  1. that looks sooo good! I love the idea of choosing something new and making it together!
    oh yeah and I love the quote too:)

  2. The dessert looks yummmy....I'm supposed to be making that quote in vinyl for Shannon's wall...