Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Young Love

I'm in a reminiscing mood tonight.  I wrote this poem about Caleb when I was sixteen.  When we were planning our wedding, I found it and I ended up including it in our wedding program because it was so very descriptive of our love story.  Tonight, I found it again.  

photo courtesy of redaisy

his armour rusty
his sword bent out of place
his eyes shielded from love
with scars upon his face
he's what they call a knight
in rusty armour to be exact
he's fought alot of battles
some unknown, some an act
he's worn, he's tired
ready to pass through this life
yet, other plans are ahead
added to his pain, comes strife
into his world, comes a princess
alone, sad and afraid
she's searching for an answer
yet the answer has already been made
he's to save her
yet she can't understand why
he's a tired knight, in rusty armour
so she sits down, and cries
she feels an arm around her
and looks up to see his face
his eyes are now shining
the scars have been erased
her refuge has become
his hands, tired and worn
for in his simple touch
his very love is sworn
though the battle goes on around them
in their hearts, they have a dream
that one day they will be free
so they fight, no matter how hard it seems
yes, he calls her a princess
others call him a knight
isn't it both these two together
that always win their fight?

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