Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Weekend Off

all pictures are taken from my camera phone. I have decided bad pictures are better than no pictures at all. :) please ignore the shadows my camera decided to add to my face.

Caleb and I were actually able to take this weekend and do some fun things!  It was a nice change of pace and we are now ready to tackle this week. 

We started off our fun weekend by Caleb getting to go to an Atlanta Thrashers game with a bunch of guy friends from church.  This is such a blessing to my heart to know that Caleb has friends in his life that are seeking God's heart diligently.  Love it!  I spent my Friday evening cleaning my house, getting somewhat organized, and decompressing.  It was nice to have some time alone to get stuff done.

Saturday afternoon we went to Alpharetta to meet up with our friends Tim and Lauren and their cute son Isaac. Somehow I always manage to get pictures of their son, but never of us.  It was a beautiful day - we enjoyed a visit over lunch and then we spent some time at Barnes and Noble while Isaac enjoyed the children's play area.  We wrapped up our day with some ice cream in the courtyard. 

After our time with friends, we headed to my parents house so that Caleb could play his role as IT guy.  My brother, David and I went off to spend some time at the mall.  I love this stage where my siblings are becoming adults and we are starting to have alot in common.  It was great to spend time with him.  David is such an awesome young man and I am so proud that he is my brother!

We wrapped up our day with dinner at Chipolte.

David and Courtney

Caleb and Courtney

Sunday, Caleb spent his afternoon playing paintball with some guy friends.  I spent the afternoon with two of my girl friends, Amanda and Shannon.  

We decided to go on a hike. . .then we chose to be super ambitious and do a 5 mile hike.  It got a bit hot and we got a little wimpy, but it was great!  

In order to reward ourselves for such a great accomplishment we went to Yogli Mogli for some delicious frozen yogurt.  This place is my newest and greatest addiction.  Yum!

Sunday night we spent at church, which is always such a blessing and an encouragement.  So very thankful that God saw fit to lead us to Passion City Church!

How was your weekend?  
Did you get to enjoy beautiful weather in your part of the country? 

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  1. These pictures didn't turn out so bad! Especially the ones of the lake - so pretty!