Friday, May 6, 2011

Frugal Fridays ~ Week of 5/2

Target: Spent $16.55, saved $9.17!

I don't have pictures of my CVS purchases.  One purchase was to buy a 12 pack of water for our Taste of Marietta outing and the other transaction was for a paper.  I didn't know I could use ECBs on Sunday paper until now. I love saving  money on coupons.

Publix: Spent $8.63, saved $12.18

Piece of advice here.  Do not buy Publix's peanut butter cup frozen yogurt, in my personal opinion it is gross.  DO buy the thin mint cookie frozen yogurt though, because it is amazing!

Harry's: Spent $9.47
Even though I don't technically "save" on my receipt at Harry's, buying my organic meat there is cheaper than buying it at Publix.

and then at Wal-Mart I bought 1 dozen organic eggs, spent $3.70, saved $.50

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