Monday, May 9, 2011

Semester Two 2011 is Finished!

I feel like a 20lb dumbbell has been lifted from my chest.  I opted not to take any summer classes - primarily for my sanity.  This is going to be a very busy summer and I want to have some fun to enjoy friends we've been ignoring and tackle projects we've been avoiding!

I do plan on taking a few CLEP tests this summer - so I'll just be keeping my brain active, just in case there were any concerns. :)

I believe I ended the semester with 3 As and 1 B which I am THRILLED with.  That B is a miracle and I'm just glad it wasn't a C.  Statistics - not my thing.

ACCT 2200 - Managerial Accounting, pretty much what it sounds like.  Accounting principles for management reporting, the study of laws and guidelines, and many calculations.  Our teacher was great, she had a strong Chinese accent, but after a few classes I was able to understand her without a problem.  

BISM 3100 - Business Information Systems Management, basically a computer class - where you learn nothing about computers.  I'm still not quite sure WHAT I learned in this class.  Seriously.

ECON 2300 - Business Statistics.  Thank. You. Jesus. This. Is. Over.  AMEN

SCI 1102 - My LAST General Ed Requirement!  Now all of my classes will be at the business school.  To pass this class I just had to endure 16 weeks of how we are killing the earth and we should probably all stop having children to save it...?? hmmm. Not quite the best plan.

Overall this semester was good.  Lots of work and stress, but I'm glad I have four more classes under my belt and now I have a summer to enjoy!

What are your plans for this summer?

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  1. I feel so relieved FOR you. You have no idea.

    Try and do something fun with your homework time - at least for a couple days - before you turn it into CLEP time.