Friday, June 24, 2011

Mopping Made Easy!

One of my least favorite household chores is mopping my floors.  I have tried. . . 

Sponge Mops - No good!

  • gross factor - spreading the same yuck around every week
  • the need for a bucket to "rinse" the mop (which is code for swish dirt around)
  • when you're done - you have to find a place for this wet mop to dry

Swiffer Style Mops - Close, but no cigar!

  • the refills are expensive
  • the wet refills are super wet at the beginning and get too dry towards the end
  • the chemicals are strong - and I try to limit the chemicals I clean with
  • I'm too lazy to make my own refills

Hands and Knees - No fun!
  • still have to tote a bucket around or continually rinse out a rag
  • hard on the knees and the back
  • makes you want to repaint every baseboard in your house (too close, too personal)
Worst of all, none of these methods ever left my floor feeling clean.  They would still be sticky with some cleaning residue or with the dirt that never got cleaned in the first place.

Introducing . . . a life changer in the world of mopping!

There are several variations of mist mops.  The one I bought was the O-Cedar ProMist and I love it!
  • You put your own cleaning solution into the solution container - which makes it as eco-friendly as you want.
  • The spray trigger is in the handle, so you control how much cleaner you're using on each floor.
  • The pad is microfiber and reusable.  I mop my kitchen, foyer, laundry room and bathrooms - then throw the pad in the wash with my rugs and I'm done. 
  • No bucket to clean out, no mop to dry, no pads to buy.  Perfection!
These types of mops are about $20 - I bought mine at Target.  The paid is reusable up to 100 times (probably more ;), so I think it's a great investment!

(I wrote this post on my sheer love for the product 
I was not compensated for this outstanding review)

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  1. We used to use this thing in the Fashion Shack. Those floors would get DISGUSTING!

    Although using Spongebob is an attractive idea as well...