Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lift Up Your Eyes ~ Take Responsibility For Your Actions

This past weekend Caleb and I were studying at our local Starbucks.  I think that Caleb has a sign across his forehead that says, "talk to me" because whenever we are at Starbucks he encounters people eager to have a conversation.  This 40 year old guy, we'll call him Steve, within 5 minutes was engaged in conversation with Caleb about computers and school.  He mentioned that he was completing his Bachelors degree and that he wanted to move on to get his Masters degree.

Then he says, "My school will employee me as a recruiter which will pay me about 20k a year and I'll get my Masters degree for free." Caleb's response, "well that's great! that sounds like the equivalent of 50k a year while a student" and then Steve says, "yeah and it keeps me from having to pay barely any child support because it's not listed as income"  Uh, excuse me? 

I came so close to turning around and saying, "what kind of guy tries to skip out on paying child support for HIS children?"  Now I wish I had. I just don't understand the thought process.  Reasonably providing for your offspring is your responsibility for at least 18 years.  So who does he think should provide for his children? His wife? who is now a single mom and is already taking care of them full time? His parents? His friends? The government?

How can we teach this generation to take responsibility for their choices and their life?  How can we convince them that passing the buck off to the next person is not the solution.  We are accountable for our decisions and for the life we choose to lead - I think once this truth sinks in it develops maturity that cannot be taught.



  1. this is exactly what I go through.. He doesnt care about his childrens wellbeing! All he can care about is himself! Mine hasnt payed child support in 2 months and yet he still gets his visitation even though he cant support his child? The ugly fact is yes.. They think its a game and somebody else will step up to pay so they wont have too.. Sad but true..
    ~heather taylor~

  2. My son's biological father left me as soon as he found out I was pregnant. He pays $48 a month in child support and complains about it. Our son is seven and he's never seen him. I'm okay with it, though, because my husband and I, "our" son and our daughter are very happy. I'm grateful that he leaves us alone and we just live our lives happily.