Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dropping In

Just dropping in to say hello.  I feel like today should be Friday.  But clearly, it's not.

I'm taking two CLEP tests on Thursday.  One I have studied for off and on for awhile.  The other test? I have studied one hour. We'll see how that goes.  After these two, I have two more and then I am done with CLEP tests.  I'll have 6 more courses and then I'll officially have my Bachelors in Finance. Thank you LORD!

I made Santa Fe Chicken Salad Wraps on Monday and they were AMAZING. Seriously, make these.

santa fe chicken salad sandwich recipe

God is so so so good.  I just cannot capture in words how much confirmation He has given me. I love how He speaks to us through the simple things - the Bible verse, the song on the radio, the conversation with a friend - love how He loves us!

And lastly - fall is on its way.  The evening air is cooler, the morning air is crisp.  
Yes - it's time for pumpkins, delicious apples and simmering stews.


  1. If you're reading for all that you should just come here now. I suppose Denmark has two seasons: Fall and Winter.

    YAY for only six courses! So exciting. You'll do great on your tests - don't let yourself freak yourself out!

  2. love everything about this post and so happy i know you :-)