Tuesday, August 2, 2011

NYC - Day 1

We got to New York City just in time for lunch and I got to try Thai food for the first time!  

Then we went to our hotel to drop off our bags and begin our trek.

It was in the high 90s and a bit more humid than I imagined for New York, but the sun was shining - so we opted to walk to our destinations for the day.  New York is setup with avenues running south/north and streets running west/east, which makes it a pretty easy city to navigate.

First stop? Why Times Square of course! What kind of tourists would we be if we didn't go there first?

Hershey world - for real!

Whenever you look up in New York City, this is what you see.  Tall buildings and a little bit of sky.  
It makes you feel quite small.

We also went to Rockefeller Center and walked around.  We had planned on going to Grand Central Station and the Empire State building, but in transit it began to rain so we headed back to our hotel to order New York style pizza.

We got their Grilled Chicken Bruschetta pizza which had grilled chicken, tomato, red onions, basil, fresh mozzarella & parmesan cheese. Delicious!  You know it's real Italian food, when you can't understand anyone at the restaurant. 

I didn't take any pictures of our meals while we were in NYC, because quite honestly whenever we ate I was so famished from all of the walking that the last thing I wanted to do was spend one minute taking a picture. So just imagine a very scrumptious pizza.

At this point we crashed. Day 2 and 3 tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds like you covered quite a bit of ground on day 1! I think this is where I was when I visited. It was freezing outside and we went to carnegy hall.

    The pizza sounds delic.