Sunday, September 4, 2011

Compassion International

I am very passionate about intentional giving - read more about that here.  In April, Caleb and I finally took the time to sponsor a child through Compassion.  It's $38 dollars a month to provide schooling, healthcare, nourishment and lessons teaching life skills to one child.  I find it a bit sad that it took us years of saying, "oh yeah, that's a great idea!" to actually do it.  It's cheaper than our internet/cable bill.

We chose a little boy from Peru named Enzo.  We've already exchanged letters with him twice - it's amazing how great Compassion is with connecting sponsors with children.  Only a small percentage of the sponorship is the monetary investment - much of it is the connection you make with the child and the encouragement you can pour into their hearts - even from miles and miles away.

Compassion encourages you from day one to begin active correspondence with your child as a way to invest in their lives - and the children write you back in response.  Below is a picture of Enzo with the pictures he has sent us :)

Many Compassion sponsors are given the opportunity to visit the child they sponsor.  Emily, from Chatting at the Sky went on a trip to the Philippines this summer and shared it beautifully here.  Life as Mom wrote about her trip to Honduras and how it changed her perspective here

I'm finding myself so frustrated these days.  Why do people purposefully block out the needs and pain around them? Go to a movie, sip their latte, and complain about the weather?  In this day and age, technology makes it so very easy for us to impact the world around us - all with a little feature known as "auto draft"  If you have been considering sponsoring a child and are sitting on the fence - just jump the fence. :)  The blessings to you and the child are immeasurable. 

 Spencer W Kimball


  1. Becoming a sponsor through Compassion has literally changed my life. We started with one sweet girl in Ghana in 2009 and since then our family has grown to 10 and the blessings have grown as well.

    I have a passion for encouraging sponsors that I meet and also through my blog.

    I do understand the frustration that you feel sometimes. To battle those negative feelings, I try to figure out ositive ways to share the mission of CI with others. Joining their Advocates network was a good step to become informed and armed to spread the word.

    I'm so glad that you will be an active sponsor who writes! Thanks for sharing CI with your readers! (I found this post via a Google Alert. So glad!)