Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Things I Have Learned Since Joining Corporate America

a rant

99.9% of people do not read emails.  
apparently the task of opening a document they received almost instantaneously is troublesome.

The .1% of people that do read emails - only read the first paragraph.  The assume anything past the first paragraph is irrelevant and not worth their time.

100% of people will send you URGENT emails with red flags and exclamation points - wondering why they haven't received important information from you.  My reply? "Check your email, I sent it last week"

the best are the people that call me with "questions" and then spend the next 30 minutes talking to themselves.  Pinterest is great for such situations.  
Once they are done, I give them a concise, 15 second answer and we say goodbye. 

then there are those who will wait until the very-last-minute to complete their tasks and then blame me for not being available at 12 AM to help them finish their project. Um, I sleep - sometimes.

To further expound on the previous point - I love it when I send an email on July 1st and do not receive any answers until July 31st.  Then less than 24 hrs later, said person wants to know why they haven't heard back from me.  Your calendar gives me 30 more days - be patient.

All in all, I really love and appreciate my job. But seriously people.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I was wondering when this post would happen. :)