Friday, November 18, 2011

Afraid of the Unknown

So many times I think we stand still because we are afraid of the unknown.  We're afraid of the outcome or how we'll feel in certain situations, so we just do nothing at all.  As if waiting will change our fear.  I am learning that the only thing waiting does is intensifies the fears we already have.

Does your life feel safe and planned out? Does your relationship with God feel comfortable?

November Sky 2011

The moments when we're at a loss for words and we run out of safety net - those are the moments that God steps in and proves Himself faithful.  Yet we're so scared of these moments, when life is out of our control and we don't know what the ending is - that we run around trying to ensure these moments never happen.

Are you busy trying to escape the emptiness?

It is when we are empty, that we remember God is there to fill.  Embrace it.

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  1. Well ... as of recently I no longer feel like my life is safe and planned out. And my relationship with God does not feel boring. It's hard to live like this. But I'm thinking worth it. :)