Friday, January 20, 2012

Recipe Box #22

All pictures are property of the blogs that originally featured the recipes.

Spicy Chicken Stew Recipe

My Recipes

Family Food and Fun

So Very Blessed

Quick Wedge Salad
Kayotic Kitchen

For the Love of Cooking



  1. Thank you so much for putting my Quinoa Bites on here! I'm honored! And everything looks delicious!

  2. Great finds! Those quinoa bites look tempting.

  3. Wedge salads are so good. I've been seeing them on more and more restaurant menus as a side dish option. Good choice!

  4. I hope you love the bean burritos! We've just been eating them this week, actually...and they really are a favorite of mine. Thanks for featuring them! :)

  5. Thanks for adding my pasta bake on here.

  6. I missed bean burritos so bad the first six months here! I could only bring four cans back with me!

  7. You have a great set of recipes here -- delicious! Especially that ricotta pasta bake.


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