Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday Fun

Last week was long.  For some reason, anytime someone asked me how I was doing, I was afraid I was going to start weeping right there.  I think it was just pure exhaustion.  Or the weird weather. Or the fact that midterms are next week.  Or the fact that Caleb and I were so busy, we barely saw each other for three days.  Regardless, on Friday I decided we were going to have a FUN weekend.  So we did :)

Sorry gorgeous tree, I know it has been in the 60s for a week and that makes you think Spring is here, 
but it's dropping down to 19 degrees tonight, because this is Georgia.

Our first stop was Scott's Antique Market, which is an antique market that comes to Atlanta one weekend per month and is huge!  We had a great time walking around, getting ideas, talking about what we liked or didn't like.  We didn't buy anything, just looked.

Then we went to Whole Foods where we promptly dropped $100 on one cart of groceries.  How does this happen? I think I've lost my coupon mojo, goodness.  

We also enjoyed their salad bar there and had a yummy lunch!

Of course, because we had a salad and it was less than a mile from Krispy Kreme, um, we had to go to Krispy Kreme.  SO good!  I am not a donut person, but these are not donuts.  These are a piece of heaven.

We headed home and we got our passports!  This is a big deal, as I've been wanting them for over a year and we just never took the time.  Plus, they got here in two weeks and we didn't even expedite them.  We're planning on going out of the country in August, so these will come in handy.

Then we did a "little" bit of homework (remember, this is is a FUN day) and then left to meet my brother for dinner.

We went to Smashburger.  It has a nice vibe, but the burgers were just okay.  I think I'm spoiled by Farmburger and Yeah Burger.  Caleb and I both agree though that are favorite burgers come from Ted Montana's.  To make matters worse I just realized that there is  a Ted Montana's two minutes from our place.

Anyhow, we had a great time visiting with my brother who we hadn't seen in over a month.  He is graduating from high school this Spring, so he's making life plans, applying to colleges, etc.  Super proud of who he is and who he is becoming! 

Great Saturday - thankful for a bit of rest in a busy life!

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