Monday, August 16, 2010

Please Rewind and Start Over

Have you ever watched an HGTV decorating show and wondered why they just didn’t leave good enough alone? Like when the overpaid interior “designer” decides that those beautiful wood floors just need to be painted to “brighten” the room? Seriously? You’d be better off knocking out a wall and putting in a window if “brighten” is what you are going for. For goodness sake, leave the wood floors alone!

I am currently working on making small changes in my home to make it more acceptable to me while we wait out this economic crisis.  Let’s just put it this way, if we were to sell this house, we’d probably still pay the mortgage for 5 years. J So,we’re staying for now! 

Here is the only room in the house I am completely content with. (the pictures stink, so please use your imagination.  If redaisy was my next door neighbor, my pictures would be out of this world!).

I found the lovely blue color by copying ladaisi’s mad painting abilities. Love the blue.  I also love accenting the bathroom with white (towels, rugs and shower curtain), because it gives the room a fresh and clean feeling.

So, my reasoning is this, the next smallest room in the house is my guest bathroom, which seriously needs a redo, so this is the next project! Especially since I took down all of the decorations and put them in my yardsale pile. This is my way of forcing myself to redo the bathroom, just get rid of everything!
Here is the room now (minus the u-g-l-y pictures).

I want to do white and silver accents in the bathroom, but I am still trying to decide on wall color.  I am torn between:

a light mocha color

a very light lilac color

or a light green

Fellow bloggers and friends, save me from repainting three times and help me choose a color. Have you done any of these colors before in a small room? How did it go? 


  1. That's funny - my favorite spots in my house are the rooms painted that light blue also. It's just peaceful.

    I really like all three colors. One thing to consider, though, is all the sample pictures you have here have nice bright windows.

    Whereas I love the mocha color, I think maybe your guest bathroom is a bit small for that dark of a color. Although you could lighten it with keeping all the trim white, and adding thick white frames and accessories.

  2. Hey girl. I know from experience in my parents house that when it comes to small rooms, brighter is always better. I'd say go for the lilac shade rather than the neutral coffee color. Even the light green would be acceptable.

    Good Luck!