Saturday, September 11, 2010

First DIY Chalkboard Project

I started with this lovely picture.  I liked the frame and the square shape, but not the actual print.

Then I covered the edges with painters tape.

and spray painted with chalkboard paint. I did about three coats.

You're supposed to let it dry for 24 hours before you try writing on it.  Also, to "cure" it, after 24 hours you want to rub the entire board with chalk and then wipe off.  Supposedly this creates a smoother surface to write on.

Now a picture that had seen better days, is a cute message board for my kitchen.

Right now I plan to use it as a menu, but I can use it for an inspirational quote, a verse to meditate on, or even a to-do list!

I am in search of a pretty plate stand to put it on, but for now it's propped in a corner of my kitchen. I'm pretty happy with it for my first DIY project!

1 comment:

  1. This turned out really nice! I didn't let mine cure either! :-) I still want to go thrifting!!! I have an idea....are there any great places to yard sale down there? I'm wondering about the day after Shay's tupperware party????