Monday, September 13, 2010

Simple Touches of Fall

It's been my goal this fall to add a few additional fall touches to my home.  I have a few things left I want to find (like acorns for fillers. WHERE can I find some?) but other than that I'm happy with what I've accomplished.

I bought these blessing blocks at Marshalls last year for $10.  
The leaf garland I bought almost 4 years ago at a thrift store.

(these leaf tea light holders are on my coffee table)

(for $8 I bought this wheat from Michaels. I love it!)

(This is all fill-in for now until I can find some acorns to do what I really want)

This was my other DIY chalkboard project from last week.  It started off looking pretty rough, so I'm happy with its well loved look. :)

I hope you all are taking time to enjoy the pretty weather and the simple things of life. I'm beginning to pull out more soup and baking recipes.  This is also the time of year that I tell myself it's okay to crave Starbucks everyday.  There is just something sooo "fall" about sipping a hot pumpkin spice latte.  Note: I say it is okay to "crave." Drinking one everyday would greatly counteract the Zumba I've been doing lately, which would be no good!  

I love, love, love this season!


  1. Ummm... you're more than welcome to get the acorns in my backyard that fall every ummm... fall :o) and kill my lawn.

  2. Fall is my favorite time of year...ask Shay! :-) I can bring you some acorns when I come down for the Tupperware party if you haven't found any yet.