Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday's Musings

Well today has already been quite productive! It is 11:37 am and I have...

cut Caleb's hair
printed off financial forms for him to take to a very important meeting
ironed his clothes and my clothes
unloaded and loaded the dishwasher
vacuumed and mopped all of my floors
put away laundry
took a shower
wrote two blog posts
ate breakfast
made the bed

None of that is in any particular order. I hope you're impressed, because I'm impressed! Thank God for some energy this morning!

My friend Redaisy posted this question yesterday on her blog: When was the last time you tried something new?

My most recent new adventure would have to be the Zumba classes I have been taking.  It is totally out of my comfort zone for me to go to a gym full of people and try to act like I have rhythm and hips.  But, I'm glad I stepped out on a limb because it's super fun and thankfully, within about ten minutes, you're too hot and sweaty to care! But yes, Zumba is my something new.

So now I ask you....

When was the last time you tried something new?


  1. I wish I had your energy to get all the things done...i did put away most of our laundry yesterday and tonight will have to enjoy ironing some clothes...yuck! :)

  2. I have wanted to try Zumba for a while! It sounds so fun!

    It's 1:13, and I have managed to put on a different pair of sweatpants; I navigated the TV to a semi-interesting channel; I ate lunch; I let Annie out.

    That's my day.

    In my defense, I worked Fri / Sat / Sun, so today is my first day of my weekend. But still, ick, I'm so lazy today!

    Oh, and it's raining.