Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Uncharted Waters

There are so many different opportunities for bloggers in cyberspace.  Companies are starting to realize that the days of attracting customers with a yellow page ad are quickly being replaced by social media.  I myself have bought several products, tried new decorating techniques, and experimented with new recipes all on blogger's recommendations.  :)

I'm trying to regularly get involved in networking with fellow bloggers.  Here are two steps I've taken recently. 

Thanks to ladaisi's research, I just signed up for Business 2 Blogger. 
This website specializes in connecting businesses with bloggers, so that the business can share their products/services with the world wide web and so that the blogger has an opportunity to try new things!  I'm excited to see how this works. 

Blog Search

I recently signed up for Blog Spark and I have already received a prize packet for myself and one to giveaway!  I'll be posting about this sometime this week, so keep checking back!


Last but not least, Bloglovin'

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