Thursday, February 17, 2011

Starbucks is Catching On

I am thrilled that Starbucks is jumping on to the rewards/savings band wagon.  For awhile now I've been meaning to buy a gift card, register it online and use it for my Starbucks purchases in order to save a few cents here and there.  Well, I finally did it last month and I've saved more than a few cents. :)  I always order my specialty drinks with soy instead of regular milk.  Using a registered gift card saves me .60 cents alone per drink!  

Today I purchased a tall peppermint mocha with soy.  I saved $1.10 by using my gift card (.60 cents for soy and .50 cents for peppermint).  I realize Starbucks isn't the most frugal coffee, but when you work from home sometimes you HAVE to change surroundings.  $3 is a small price to pay for several hours of people watching working at a different place. :)

Check out Starbucks Rewards for more information. 


  1. Or getting watched by obnoxious people. It's a toss-up.

  2. I would be far to distacted to work! I would just get too involved with what was going on around me! I've finally registered my card!

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