Friday, March 25, 2011

Frugal Fridays ~ Ingles, Publix, Target & CVS!

Caleb had an HOA Board Meeting last night, so I took the time to go snag this week's deals.  Usually I stick to 1 or 2 stores a week, but I made some exceptions this week! :)

Trip to Ingles: Spent $22.36, Saved $8.87
(I'm telling ya, organic coffee and organic chicken just don't help a girl's % savings out!)

Trip to CVS: Spent $0.21, Saved $17.44

Trip to Kroger: Spent $8.39, Saved $14.67
Good thing I have started running, gives me an excuse to eat all these carbs I've been getting for FREE!

Trip to Target: Spent $3:34, Saved $9.92


  1. Found you through the Frugality is Free link up :) I hear ya on the organic chicken! We're transitioning to an organic/whole foods diet right now, and organic boneless chicken breast is $8lb at Meijer! I did just buy a whole organic chicken there for $3.49lb, and I also found a local farm that sells pastured whole chickens for $2.75lb so I think that's what I'll be buying from now on-I just need to learn how to cook a whole chicken now lol!

  2. Okay, how on EARTH did you manage these deals??? I MUST KNOW! :)

    @Sara: Cooking a whole bird is a lot easier than you'd ever think - I cooked my first a couple years ago, and was terrified it would be awful, and it turned out fine! Just google a good recipe, and you'll be fine :)