Friday, April 1, 2011

Frugal Fridays ~ March 28th Shopping Trip

Caleb stopped by Publix on the way home from a meeting and bought 2 bottles of kraft BBQ sauce, 2 bags of kraft shredded cheese and 2 jars of bertolli spaghetti sauce.  Spent $5.08, saved $9.68!

I ran into Dollar Tree this week to get a new shower liner.  They had Cascadian Farm granola for $1, which is cheaper than I pay with a coupon, so I picked a box up!  I spent $5.23 for what you see in the picture below.

I did most of my grocery shopping this week at Target. They had organic milk on sale for $3.20 and I can always get organic lettuce for $2.99.  I've decided that Publix and Super Target are my favorite places to grocery shop!  Spent $17.09, saved $4.99!

Last, but not least I ran into Publix on my way home from a meeting to grab a few veggies for dinner.  Cilantro, cucumber, tomato and some feta cheese.  Spent $5.40, saved $.30. :)

All in all, March was a good savings month!  I spent $212.50 and saved $195.43.

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