Sunday, April 3, 2011

Online Discount Sites ~ A Collection

I am so excited to finally have this blog post completed!  I have been working off and on for a few weeks to get all of these great links in one spot for your enjoyment!  I am a member of each of these sites and I have used several to score discounted gift cards, certificates and tickets to events.  The key is to just go ahead and sign-up for them so that you will get emailed when a new deal is posted.  For some of these sites, they post a new deal each day so I strongly recommend that you create a separate email address just for "good deals"  This way you can take five minutes each day to see if any of the deals are for you and if not, you can delete the email.  Remember, it's not a good deal if you don't "need it" or have a good use for it.  :)

**disclaimer: the links in this post are my referral links.  this means I'll get credit if you sign-up/and or buy something at some point.  If you feel uncomfortable with this - just Google the name and you can sign up directly from their main site! :)**

This website is well known as a great place to get 50-75% off deals on a regular basis.  They sell gift certificates to restaurants, activities, clothing stores, etc.  They offer daily deals that they will email you.  Since they are nationwide, be sure to check out their website for cities you are planning to visit as well.

This site has several deals going on at all times.  They also feature a deal of the day.  I have used this site to purchase items for 60% off.  Atlanta has 100+ deals alone!

I recently found this site and used it to purchase a $5 Starbucks gift card for $1.  Anytime I can snag a deal for Starbucks I take advantage of it!  This site has a daily deal.


Another daily deal site.  DealSwarm is only available in a few select cities though, Atlanta being one of them.  Check to see if they are available in your area!

Living Social has some great daily deals!  They also offer "Escapes" deals that seem to be very cost effective.  By clicking on the above link and signing up, you'll get $5 off your first purchase!

A daily deal site - this site mainly focuses on interior decorating, vinyl projects, decorating accessories, etc.  So far I have been very impressed by their deals.


Rue La La specializes in daily clothing deals and they feature new ones each day.  



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