Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Day in the Life

My days always fly by - I look at the clock that says 9 PM and wonder where my day has gone. Sooo - I decided to share my day through snapshots, so that you could endure enjoy the day with me! :)

My morning cannot start without a cup of coffee
latest breakfast obsession - organic rolled oats, mixed with craisens and organic maple syrup
while enjoying breakfast, I catch up on emails - all 4 email accounts 

and a few blogs

I tackle a task I've been procrastinating for weeks - sending old medical records to my new doctor.  Administrative life work is so tiresome

then I skype with ladaisi for the first time - so we can discuss a work project and because I miss her
It amazes me that she can be in Denmark, 6 hrs ahead of me
and we can still talk over skype like she's right next door. Technology is glorious.

Next, I hop on my daily morning conference call
and visit Pinterest
(I do not play an active role in these morning conference calls, one would hope)

oh em gee - if that conference call didn't just totally spice up my day, let's pay bills too! 
I've learned to just cram all the fun into one morning!

Yay for lunch! Organic lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, black olives, left over grilled chicken, parmesan cheese and italian dressing, with a side of leftover grilled potatoes

Now it's time to do accounts receivable for Caleb's company, CAN. Like I said, cram in the fun

Next, I have another conference call.  Unfortunately, I lead this call - so no Pinterest

After an hour and a half conversing about data and only data - I tackle my Wednesday workout.  
The 30 Day Shred - level 3.  Love that this workout only takes 25 minutes and has such great results

Then I have my daily chocolate shakeology with a tablespoon of peanut butter and I prepare myself for yet

another conference call

This one is for a school in Jamaica - and I spend the first 20 minutes of the call listening to the school and project manager say, "can you hear me?"  With this background noise, I catch up on emails again
40 minutes later, I tackle my part of the call

This should be where my day ends.  Seriously. My brain melted after that call. 
But, I have data that needs converting, so I tackle that.

then I go to the bank and the post office and turn the radio up super loud :)

Next - dinner.  Chicken, veggie & noodle soup, without the broth - or something like that
It was good

Then I cleaned  the kitchen for the third time, vacuumed the entire house and  mopped all of the floors

For my reward I study for my Microeconomics CLEP that is coming up next week.  
4 more CLEP tests and I am done with CLEPs forever - I hope!

Now it's 9:30 PM and I realize where my day has gone - to the black hole which is called "the computer" Seriously, did you realize seven of these pictures were of my computer? I didn't even take pictures of the data project I worked on. :)

Now I'm going to relax for a few minutes before I go to bed.

Thankful today that I have been given so much.


  1. It was great talking with you yesterday! I loved this post.

    Where can I get that workout? There isn't much room in this apartment for in-house workouts, but it's been raining everyday!

  2. What the heck? Are you catching up from your trip? I hope so, because if you do that everyday, you are gonna suffer burn out but good. Actually it's kinda nice to look back and see that you accomplished alot during a day.

    Have a good one, and don't forget to smell the roses.