Monday, August 8, 2011

Lift Up Your Eyes ~ Wants

I've found myself wanting many things lately.  Well, things isn't the best word.  I've found myself wishing certain circumstantial things were different.  In some cases wanting the experiences that others have or the opportunities others are offered.  I struggle with discontentment. . .always wanting to move on to the next thing.  

Even with all of my childlike thoughts, God has been so good to me this year.  He says no to certain things, but then He says yes to much bigger things.  Like so many times before I realize that He is looking out for me.  He has my back, He intercedes for me at the throne of God and He will never let me down.  Where would I be without this truth?

He closes doors to protect me.  He presents challenges to mature me.  He turns my path to stretch me.  He puts me in unknown places to bless me.  Let's not miss out on the journey by thinking about the next thing - be present in the present.


  1. Hubby wondered recently if people who "live in the past" do so because they had such a wonderful past whereas people who live in the future do so because their past wasn't so wonderful. Perhaps he is onto something. I find I am a "present" person. I don't like to plan for the future (even though I do and I must) and I don't dwell in the past. I like this moment. Hmmm. Wonder what that means?

  2. Good post Court. Sorry you've had so many stressful things going on this year! I hope things get calmer and happier and easier for you soon.

    In the present moment I am now sick. As is Isaac. :(

  3. Girl, you are so young, I'm not surprised you suffer from a little discontentment. I think a little is good, because it motivates us to move, and get things done. you said, it's good to remember what we do have, and be thankful, and remember he is there for us! Love your blog, and all your pics from New York.