Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Different Kind of Saturday

Today I woke up and I wasn't thinking about an assignment I needed to finish or a project I needed to start.

Today I woke up and I realized there were no more assignments and there were no more projects.

Finally, I have my Bachelors degree in Finance!  

It has been a very long road and a whole heck of a lot of work, but I'm done!  I'm writing this because I still don't believe it and it still hasn't sunk in, but writing about it isn't making it feel more real either. It feels completely surreal!

I spent the morning working on work projects and church projects and then I spent the afternoon at the pool. It was glorious.

My grandmother came into town on Thursday, so we'll be spending Memorial Day with my family.  My younger brother graduates from high school on Tuesday night and we'll be spending Tuesday afternoon with my family that day too.  Full and fun weekend!

I hope you've taken time today to do something you enjoy and rest.  If not, do it tomorrow!

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