Tuesday, May 15, 2012

His Spirit

“From the outside, you may not be able to tell the difference between a girl ridden with guilt and a girl freed by grace. But there is an overwhelming difference between the two. Good girls see Jesus as someone to copy. Free women listen to the voice of his Spirit who dwells inside us.” Grace for the Good Girl

Love the truth in this – because our relationship with Jesus is not about following a list of rules and checking a bunch of boxes, it’s about His Spirit dwelling in our hearts to the point that we are overflowing with His goodness and cannot help but respond.

Rules, guidelines, lists, and requirements – they put knots in my stomach and put an ache in my soul, because I know the damage they can cause.  I know the heartache and turmoil that ensues from an intuition portraying God as a task master instead of a loving Father.

I am overwhelmed at the freedom God has given me, to live through Him and because of Him.  His Spirit has also brought a perception that can sometimes be a weight, because at times I feel the oppression that cannot be seen with the eyes. Thankful that God intercedes for us when we cannot find the words.

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