Monday, May 21, 2012

Full versus Busy

Sometimes Mondays feel like a break after our jam packed weekends.  I think our next free weekend is almost a month away.  We have a full life and I'm grateful for it!

Thursday night I picked up my friend Lauren from the airport.

We spent most of Friday together running some errands so that she could get some items she can't buy in Denmark. Aside from when I dropped an entire cup of coffee on my kitchen floor, our time together was fun!

Saturday I spent half of the day running errands while Caleb did some studying.  Then I spent the second half of the day doing some cleaning and catching up on work.

Sunday was a full morning at church, one of my favorite types of gatherings - baptisms!  I love hearing people's stories and watching them make a proclamation of God's faithfulness in their lives.

Several weeks ago, I read a friends blog about viewing life as full versus busy.  It really resonated with me because many of my days appear to be very busy to outsiders, but to me they are full - full of things I have chosen to be a participant in because I want to, not because life is controlling me.   Sometimes I have to choose to view my life as full instead of busy, on days where I cannot begin to accomplish everything I wrote down on my atrocious to-do list.  Maybe one day I'll learn to write a realistic list.  Until then, full instead of busy. 

Speaking of full, this is my last week as a undergrad college student. What?! Yes, I am so excited but it doesn't even feel real. At all. Cannot wait to turn in my last assignment!

Have a blessed, full week!

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