Thursday, January 6, 2011

Menu Planning

I am a planner.  I like to know when, where, who and why for just about every situation I plan to encounter.  Which is why it is a tad bizarre that I haven't planned our menu in many months. I just look in my pantry, note what I have the most of, pick about 4-5 easy meals and call it a day.  Breakfast/Lunch are comprised of whatever was on a serious sale (oatmeal, cereal, etc) and lunch is leftovers or frozen veggies/rice.  Sounds pretty appetizing, huh?  Not. 

I have vowed to get better about this!  When I menu plan I save additional money and I waste less.  Plus, I'm not irritated at 5 PM trying to figure out what to feed us.  Seriously, if this is a problem now, what will I do with kids?  "Johnny boy, don't complain that dinner this week has consisted of cereal, cereal and more cereal. You do realize that there are starving children around the world that would love some CEREAL, right?"  Is this situation likely? Of course not. I would never call my child Johnny Boy.  Geez.

Anyways.  I sat down tonight, for the 4th time this week to come up with a plan.  My lack of motivation in this area is pathetic.  Part of my problem is that Caleb and I are planning to start working out on a regular basis and I need to make sure we're getting some good nutrition.   I know this will mean buying more fruits/veggies/meat and truly, I'm a pasta girl.  All of my default, easy meals include pasta.  One of the recipes I chose was for Lasagna Soup.  My next thought was....ohhhhhhh, I'll make lasagna TOO!  Ahem, no.

So now I've whined, complained and procrastinated enough.  Amazingly enough, I did manage to come up with meals for the next several days.  Hallelujah!

Homemade Pizza
Bean and Basil Quinoa Salad (if this is good, I'll share the recipe!)
Lasagna Soup
BBQ Chicken, Rice and Veggie

Breakfast will consist of oatmeal, fruit, yogurt
Lunches will consist of some leftovers, salads with meat or beans
Snacks will consist of nuts, fruit/veggies and Shakeology

My goal this year is to try one new recipe a week.  Also, I'm planning to begin transitioning back to using much less white flour and sugar.  And last but not least, I need  to dramatically increase my water intake.  :0)

If you have any tips/suggestions on how to make menu planning easier, feel free to enlighten me. Please.


  1. And let us know how your homemade sushi turns out!

    I need to increase my water intake too. By like one hundred.

    I'm so happy you won't have a Johnny boy. Sounds like the lead character in a western gone bad.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed the soup!