Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Unplanned Sabbatical, Ha!

This is a perfect example of how I feel this week.  Sleep, what's that?  As there are only 51 days left in this semester, I have had to get serious about assignments and studying.  

This semester I am taking:

Accounting 2200 (let's teach you management accounting styles, which are not required by GAAP and therefore  mostly irrelevant.)

Economics 2300 (I am going to spend three hours of class time, READING you my class notes.  Expect my first test to cover topics I haven't taught you yet and then expect me to question why half the class failed.)

Science 2200 (the earth is going to collapse in 40 years because we are going to overpopulate it.  Let's talk about this for 16 weeks.)

BISM 3100 (according to the teacher, this is the most important class of my college career.  I have learned absolutely nothing. what does that say about my college career?)

This on top of two jobs is making me a bit crazy.

Hence, why I haven't posted in a week.  I'll be back this weekend (after a test on Saturday!) to catch up and to announce who won my Shakeology giveaway!


  1. A healthy dose of cynicism never hurt anyone. ;)

    What is BISM? Made me think of aBISMal.

  2. I wondered where you've been! :-) I don't like it when real life gets in the way of I really dont' know how you and Caleb do it.
    And I want to know what BISM is as well.:)
    Study and REST!