Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My friend in real life and in the blog world, ladaisi, has been hosting a Creative Post mini-series over the past two weeks.  Today is the final day of this series – so be sure to click over and enjoy all of the inspiration! 

Today The Illustrator's Wife was featured.  She wrote on the beauty of not requiring perfection in our creativity.  "You have to be willing to put some bad art out there with your name on it before you get to make the good art."  How often do we wait, perfect, critique, edit, change - and then end up throwing the entire project into the trash because it wasn't "perfect"?  Don't allow the overwhelming desire of perfection to prevent you from ever sharing your art at all.

My lemon bar recipe was featured last week: Lemon Bars

And while you are over at ladaisi's blog,
be sure to wish her a very happy birthday!


  1. Aww what a happy post! Made me smile.

    I keep making these button collages but I don't know how to get each button to link afterwards (which is why I always end up adding the links later). Maybe Caleb knows how to do it.

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