Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pollen and Stuff

Well as you know, last weekend I got sick and I didn't fully kick it until Thursday.  Then spring decided to arrive and EVERYTHING is yellow.  Yesterday, the weather man said, "we've broken an all time high with our pollen count, it's over 8,000 today!  To keep things in perspective, the pollen count is considered high when its over 500." WHAT?  Is it really that bad or should we consider updating the pollen high-low list now that we apparently have more plants? Allergy season has arrived.

I bought one of those print to canvas Groupons a couple weeks back and I finally ordered it.  I'm working on re-doing my living room decor in shades of white, blue and brown - so this is replacing some artwork.

The wording is from a song called Invade, by Watermark.  I love the song, I love the message and I thought it was a perfect thing to be reminded of every day.  I created the image in Photoshop and then just uploaded it to the canvas site as an image.  I'll post a picture of it in its new home once we hang it up.

This is the week folks - the last week of finals and Caleb is DONE with his Bachelors degree in Information Systems Management!  I am officially one class away from graduating, so we aren't celebrating until May.  The reason we are waiting until May to celebrate is because Caleb knows and I know that Caleb isn't really done with school until I am done with school.  About once a week around 9 PM I say, "The answer is NOT in the textbook and its NOT on Google and my teacher is DUMB!"  and then Caleb comes and sits next to me and says "let me look" and then an hour later he says, "you're right! your teacher is dumb, email him and tell him so!"  But seriously, I'm taking a Risk Management course and the textbook is archaic and it is my only resource for this course. 

In all reality, we will celebrate because Caleb is SOOO excited and I am too!  We are both ready for this stage of life to be over.  I am going to make this cake over the weekend as a surprise for Caleb.

Dinner and Dessert

Caleb loves anything lemon and he has fond memories of lemon cake from his childhood, 
so I'm going to see if I can compete.  

Today I have to knock out 1 of 3 final school projects, do a conversion call, clean out my inbox, and finish a few work projects.  Thanks for reading about my life (whoever you are) even though I disappear randomly.  Blame it on a cold, school and the pollen.  None of those things can defend themselves. :)

Happy Tuesday!