Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tid Bits of Life

Caleb and I are planning a trip to Europe in August, so we've started putting together our list of must see places which has been fun!  We've also been talking for several months about upgrading our camera so that we can document our trip with something a bit better than a point and shoot.  So we bit the bullet on Saturday night.  We bought a Nikon D5100 at Best Buy.  It was on sale and if we bought it that day we would get triple Reward Zone points.  We're planning to use the points we receive from the purchase of the camera to purchase an additional lens before our trip.  Now we get to learn how to use it!

I have several good friends that are photographers, so it is a bit intimidating.  Luckily I'm not aiming to be a photographer, just hoping to take some pretty pictures to remember special times in our life!

On Saturday during my errand running, I went to Ann Taylor Loft to browse their sale.  I signed up to win a $50 gift card and guess what?  I did!

Ladaisi is having an awesome giveaway to celebrate the opening of her new Etsy shop!  
Be sure to click over and sign up to win!

I hope your Tuesday goes beautifully. . . 

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